New Directions...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've tried bu I can't shake the nature of my personality, and being in a family of artists I think it's burried within the DNA of a creative soul. As I've mentioned, before the kids I was a full-time songwriter and after a period of...maybe burnout or just plain getting burned I chose to take time away from that. I spent a few good years falling in love with music and writing again. What happened for me was magical, I fell in love with my own songs, and gained confidence. Without confidence in one's ability goals are blocked and walls are at every turn.

So, I've returned to writing and that along with the kids summer vacation has taken most of my free time. But I have every intention of painting during this time. It's simply not where I can afford to put my priorities at this time. What i have learned is that riding momentum in the music business is essential.

I will keep everyone posted here as well!!

Thanks, and cross your fingers good things happen!! To be equally engaged in songwriting and painting would be a DREAM COME TRUE!!!

My favorite quote, "It's never too late to be what you might've been".

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Friday, March 11, 2011

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Days 44-56: Has it really been 12 days!?!?!

Monday, March 7, 2011

***My camera batteries died while photographing the paintings...I'll do a follow up post with the rest as soon as I can...
Oooops...i've been on a painting binge and preparing for the upcoming art show season. Unfortunately my posting abilities have fallen by the wayside.  I guess it's time to share:)

I will post a few now while I have a few minutes and post the rest this evening when I have more time. With little ones running around, you just gotta work with what you have!

This sad little painting is my first attempt at oils in about 8 years...i got in a hurry and started with very little thought as to what i would paint. So, this is what happens when you don't sketch and a happy accident never occurs...peaches maybe? i don't know.

This is actually a pretty large watercolor painting. I plan to return to this one in a few weeks and finish it out with more detail & values...but it kind of hit a point where I needed to put it down. Large paintings are really difficult to finish in one day!

Day 41, 42 & 43: Wrestling with the brush

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The good news is I'm trying new things, the bad news is they haven't been working! Actually, they were looking pretty good but I kind of botched one up after it was finished with a bad decision, and the other...I don't know.
Baby animals...with Spring it just seemed like a fun project. A chipmunk that my daughter called, "that curious looking skunk thing".  However, one painting this week turned out fantastic! I just can't tell you what it was because it is a surprise for someone. I will reveal it when the time comes:)

So, for better or worse, here they are...

"Full Moon" this one turned out pretty close to what i had in mind. I sketched it during a full moon a few nights ago at the little pond by our house. It was such a beautiful night with the moon and the trees reflecting over the water.

"Curious Cub" This little painting was so cute until i decided to add ink. Turned out to be a bad decision. I will try him again soon though!

This one makes me laugh! Obviously I kind of gave up on this sad little chipmunk, lol. I guess I've got a long way to go with my baby animal paintings!! Oh well, at least i tried!

Days 30-40: Big Challenges...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finishing a painting a day is challenging enough with preschoolers at home. Throw in a bad day at the dentist  and a house full of flu virus and you've got a full blown meltdown. Hope you'll forgive me, but i missed a couple of painting days. Either sick or taking care of someone who was. But that's life and you just got to roll with it! Despite the gloom, some of the paintings turned out great and that always makes me happy:) Our upcoming trip to the coast was the inspiration for several of these.

Thanks for checking in!

Days 25-29: Change of plans...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm loving the painting a day challenge! It's been an incredible experience and I'm not burned out yet, which for me is saying a lot.  However, I've decided posting everyday is counterproductive to what I am working to accomplish here. Photographing, posting, etc consumes too much creative time and energy that should be spent painting. But I will try not to go 3-5 days between postings to keep things fresh:)

Here they are, days 25-29...

"Up and Away"  Available soon

"Back Porch Bouquet"  available soon

"Spring Tulips"  available soon

"Red Barn"

This one didn't get a name...i don't know what happened, at one time it was really cool and then it just kind of fell apart!!  Oh well, that happens sometimes.  I guess we'll just call this one "Tree".